Azizi Developments is committed to sustainable design and building practices, as is evident in our developments across UAE and other regional investments. Our working model is based upon the three pillars of sustainability: environment, society and economy. Azizi Developments focuses on each pillar throughout the planning and construction phases to create developments that bring value to the homeowner, the community and the environment.


We believe that part of our corporate and social responsibility is to consider and protect the Earth. Providing energy efficient buildings, reducing our carbon footprint and positively impacting the economic well-being of our communities are tangible goals that we strive to meet on a daily basis.

Environmental Sustainability

For each project, Azizi Developments focuses on excellence in the following areas:

  • Site selection
  • Loans security through properties
  • Material selection
  • Construction quality control
  • Development preparation for the future
Social Sustainability

Azizi Developments builds properties that increase quality of living. Our homes also encourage diversity not only by providing housing, but also through other equitable opportunities – such as live/work and mixed-used buildings – for every member of the community. We look for opportunities to offer adaptable and affordable housing choices in our developments.

Economic Sustainability

Our developments have a positive economic impact on the neighborhoods and communities where we build. This starts at the planning and development stage, where we look to hire locally. It continues through job creation and community amenity contributions, as well as in the use of local business services. Azizi Developments is dedicated to stimulating and maintaining growth within local economies.