“This personal approach allows us to treat every client as an individual who has an important role to play. It is with the understanding of the market that we move ahead.”

Strategic outlook
A great team is made so under great leadership. With a systematic approach to work delegation and organization, our company raises the bar when it comes to efficiency. While every department functions independently, each is an integral part of a larger system. Co-operation and support form the backbone of the organization are an essential element in the success of the company. Efforts made to achieve a goal in life can be only realized if the efforts are properly focused and are organized accurately. With the most modern communication system between management units and the staff, Azizi Developments has blended a formula between the staff and the outside source (the consultants) for achieving the best possible performances, so that the company can flourish. The company has handpicked a skilled workforce and is also seeking help from the best consultants in the financial, technical, marketing, legal and communication fields for implementing qualified standards. For the outside source the company prefers experience in building contractors, advertisements, public relations, studies and researches and financial and legal services. The company has been achieving the best results due to the harmony among its personnel.

Systemic Approach: To reach the zenith of success, one has to take a systematic approach. Behind each successful story, there are staunch leaders who implement the plans step by step, and this is what Azizi Developments is all about. Starting from the feasibility study of the project to the phases of the first and final designing, tenders and contracts, all these elements contribute to motivate the team at Azizi Developments. The concept of project management and property development is quite important and we practice it profoundly to attain best quality housing units in no time with affordable cost.

Research & Development: Research and development marks the creative edge of Azizi Developments, setting it apart from others. Modern and accurate study facilitates a concentrated approach to diagnose and arrive at the correct decisions. Azizi Developments’ approach to formulate an effective housing plan has two dimensions. One is participating in establishing a pioneer company that can cover the shortage in the field of real estate, and secondly the participation of the existing company in contracting and building material studies. The company is exceeding the crest of expectations with increased productivity and strong marketing.

Resource Development: With an innovative working strategy and creative solutions for developing financial strength and human resources, the company is offering best results to the owners, customers and the community equally through the following procedures;

Financial and Human Resources: With strategic planning, modernized technical systems and organized means, Azizi Developments is providing in-depth financial resources. The company offers a wide range of monetary solutions and capital assessments that help the company to raise its average growth. Azizi Developments also finances its productive processes through legal sources and cash suppliers, thereby achieving impressive annual revenue. It has partnerships with local banks, as well as strategic alliances, in cooperation with international financial corporations. As a result, it marks its financial stability to the core extreme.

Human Resources: cell is a visionary goal of Azizi Developments. In this regard, the company adopts a crystal clear policy for the growth and promotion of its employees. Applying correct HR standards and implementing proper training programs and workshops are the basic benchmark at Azizi Developments.

Material Resource Wing: Azizi Developments believes that the power of material resources can enhance the performance of the company on the whole, and can become a potent force to curtail competitors by the following set rules:

  • Building of modern fully–equipped structures/li>
  • Integrating information technology systems
  • Introducing Audio Communication system
  • Implementation of Smart Home technology in each project development
  • Introduction new and improved production processes
  • Implementing centers for facilitating prompt information and references