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Dubai gains official ‘Host City’ Expo title

Dubai officially confirmed as Expo 2020 host by Bureau International des Expositions

Image Credit: Sarah Diaa/Gulf News
Reem Al Hashimi (addressing the audience), UAE Minister of State and Managing Director of the Higher Committee for the World Expo 2020, put the cost of hosting the Expo at Dh20-22 billion.
Published: November 25, 2015

By Sarah Diaa, Staff Reporter

Paris: Dubai was officially named the Host City of Expo 2020 on Wednesday as the Bureau International des Expositions met for its 158th general assembly in Paris.

Wednesday was “a historic day for Dubai,” said Reem Al Hashimi, UAE Minister of State and Managing Director of the Higher Committee for the World Expo 2020. “We are hoping to receive a unanimous vote.”

Dubai won the Expo 2020 bid in 2013. Wednesday’s meeting confirmed its selection.

Al Hashimi put the cost of hosting the Expo at Dh20 billion to Dh22 billion.

“There’s a lot that we still need to do, there’s a lot that we are doing,” she  said. “It’s very exciting and very enthralling to be a part of this great group. The work has been non-stop since we won [the bid]. We have an incredible opportunity in galvanizing society to be able to create this phenomenal Expo.”

“The challenge is being able to reach such an objective in such a short period of time,” Al Hashimi said.

Khalaf Al Habtoor, Chairman of Al Habtoor Group, said: “Expo 2020 will benefit the entire GCC region not just Dubai.”

Gerald Lawless, President and CEO of Jumeirah Group, said: “Everything that is already very attractive in Dubai will now continue to expand. The Expo will give even more exposure to Dubai… so the new supply of hotels will not be a flood for the market. We should be able to sustain the tourism numbers well past Expo 2020.”

Shaikh Ahmad Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Higher Committee on World Expo 2020 and Chairman and CEO of Emirates Group, said, “Our team that attended the Expo Milano has learnt a lot and we’ll benefit in terms of organisation. Emirates airlines is set to receive over 245 aircraft over the next 10 years.”